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Child Protection Policy Statement

All children and young people have the right to live their lives to the fullest potential, to be protected, to have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy any activities that they are capable of and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Young people have the right to have fun and develop new skills by taking part in gliding and gliding related activities at NVGC.


The NVGC is committed to ensuring that all children and young people are protected and kept safe from harm whilst engaged in gliding related activities. NVGC will also safeguard the welfare of children and young people by protecting them from abuse.

NVGC recognises that is has a duty of care towards young NVGC members and will make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

NVGC operates from a busy airfield and recognises that gliding can expose young people to unique risks associated with aviation. Care is taken to ensure that young people are educated to understand these risks and that the parents or guardians of any unaccompanied young people will understand these risks exist.

This policy affects every Nene Valley Gliding Club Ltd member.


The term children or young person is used to refer to anyone under the age of 18 years.

  • The term parent is used as a generic term to represent anyone with legal parental responsibility.
  • All children and young people irrespective of their age, class, religion, culture, disability, gender, ethnicity or sexual preference have the right to protection.
  • Young people under 16 (To be discuss further at Committee level) are not permitted on the airfield to take part in gliding activities unless accompanied and supervised by a parent.
  • There may be times when young people are not under the direct supervision of NVGC members or staff, for instance it is acceptable for a young person aged 16 to fly a glider alone.


NVGC accepts the moral and legal responsibility to: implement procedures to provide a duty of care for children and young people, safeguard their well being and protect them when they are engaged in gliding activities or when they come into contact with NVGC members, instructors and staff.


  • Raising an awareness throughout the club of the statutory  duty of care relating to children and young people and actively encourage good practice amongst all members, instructors and staff.
  • Training and supporting members, instructors and staff who work closely with children and young people to adopt best practice to safeguard and protect children and young people from abuse, and themselves against false allegation.
  • Ensuring that NVGC members and staff who have regular contact with children and young people are subject to an appropriate level of criminal record screening.
  • Respecting and promoting the rights, wishes and feeling of young people. Listening to young people, minimising dangers and working closely with other agencies.
  • Creating a safe and healthy environment and avoiding situations where abuse or allegation of abuse may occur.
  • Responding to any allegation appropriately and reporting to the relevant authorities where necessary.
  • Ensuring that young people are adequately briefed on any activity that they may be involved in.
  • Requiring NVGC members and staff to adopt and abide by the NVGC Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct.


  • The general safety and well being of children and young people will be promoted and a code of conduct developed so that good working practices are maintained.
  • Procedures will be provided for NVGC members and staff describing the actions they should take if they have concerns or encounter a case of alleged or suspected child abuse.
  • Assessment processes will be developed to ensure that the NVGC committee is aware of the extent to which NVGC members have contact with children and young people and an assessment of risk to the safety of children and young people in specific activities or situations.
  • Training will be arranged for members and staff on child protection procedures and good practice.
  • All flying training for young people will follow recognised British Gliding Association methods for glider pilot training, and young people will not be placed under any undue pressure during their pilot training.
  • All young people involved in gliding will be encouraged to provide feedback regarding the attitude of instructors and NVGC members towards them during their time at the club and to highlight any areas for improvement or change that would benefit themselves or other young people.

NVGC wants young people to have fun and develop new skills by taking part in gliding and gliding related activities at NVGC.

NVGC recognises the need to care for young people appropriately, and ensures NVGC members and staff are aware of their responsibilities through the publication of documents containing:

  • The Nene Valley Gliding Club Ltd Child Protection Statement and Policy.
  • Code of Conduct for all NVGC members and staff.
  • The Nene Valley Gliding Club Ltd Child Protection Procedures.

These documents have been created with reference to child protection guidelines published by the British Gliding Association and the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport unit.

This Code of Conduct should be viewed in conjunction with the Nene Valley Gliding Club Ltd Child Protection Policy.

All NVGC members and staff are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct, which has been created both to ensure that gliding activities at NVGC are safe and fun for young participants, and to ensure that all NVGC members and staff are protected.

You should not:

  • Permit abusive youth activities such as initiation ceremonies, ridiculing or bullying.
  • Assist a young person with any activity involving physical contact when they are capable of performing the activity safely themselves.
  • Disregard, exaggerate r trivialise young persons abuse issues.
  • Have any inappropriate physical contact, make suggestive remarks or gestures.
  • Display photographs of young NVGC members without approval and never include their name or identity without parental permission.

In addition you should avoid the following:

  • Spending excessive amounts of time alone with young people away from others.
  • Giving lifts to young people unaccompanied.

If you suspect a young person is being abused:

  • Immediately tell the NVGC Child Protection Officer or deputy, or a member of the NVGC Committee.
  • Record the facts as you know them and give a copy to the NVGC Child Protection Officer, or to a member of the NVGC Committee.
  • Ensure the young person has access to a suitable independent adult.
  • Ensure that no gliding situation arises which could cause any further concern.


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