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To encourage YOU back to our website and read up on new features and updates we will be placing links of interest here for you to check out.

If you find a website and think its of interest with reference to aviation, weather, aircraft for sale,other clubs or something thats just plain funny then email our webmaster here.

Aviation related

Notams Try Spine for your NOTAMS on your Selected task

Click here for Spine Website link

Click here for the NOTAMS direct from AIS


British Gliding Association
The governing body of British Gliding

BGA Ladder access the BGA Ladder to view scores or add your flights

IGC Viewer  display your flight by inputting you IGC file

Weather links... is it going to rain today? Probably!

Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction
BLIPMAP plots provide soaring-specific thermal forecasts, the parameters soaring pilots want to know

Metcheck -- put in your airfield

Great site for 10 day forcast


Some might say the best weather site on the Internet....


A comprehensive range of weather and environmental services designed for private pilots right through to the largest global airlines...

Weather Photography

A must see site for all you cloud spotters out there! Seriously though an informed site which every glider pilot MUST visit!

Flying Aids - GPS, PDAs,PNA's


A Free Program which can be loaded onto PDAs and PNAs to provide moving airmaps, advise of airspace, and also shows Task information plus much more.


An off shoot of the XCSoar Program with a different Display

XCSoar / LK8000 UK data files

Files that can be uploaded to use with the above XCSoar and LK8000 programs

Flight Sims of interest


The Flight sim that you can race other glider pilots on line. NVGC has a small dedicated band who use this flight sim.

Links to other Gliding Clubs
  Cambridge Gliding Club

Cambridge Gliding Club - a 7 day a week operation west of Cambridge at Gransden Lodge - professional site well worth checking out.

Husbands Bosworth Gliding

Husband Bosworth now known as the Soaring Centre another professional site well woth a visit


Yorkshire Gliding Club

Sutton Bank in Yorkshire offers Wave, Ridge and Soaring all from one site


Long Mynd Gliding Club

Soar their fantastic ridge! A smart site with plenty to check out.

  Crowland Gliding Club
  Welland Gliding Club
Links to other sites of interest to Glider Pilots
  The Glider Pilot Network

An excellent gliding web site with a discussion group, search engine, classified ads and email directory. You can even get your own free gliderpilot.net email address.
  Mountain Wave Project

You just gotta love high altitude flying in wave! A very informative and somewhat technical site on exploring the phenomenon of wave. Try to find the photo of the rotor that allowed a P38 to cut its engines and soar the Sierra Nevada!

Gliding New Zealand - the nerve centre of the on-line New Zealand gliding community.

  The Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust or ABCT

Britain’s first national airfield charity and achieving numerous spectacular results in assisting airfields and improving everyday society as a whole. Already we have scored well over 2 million web hits and received visits from more than 90 foreign countries in only the last few months. 2009 is a hugely important year as it marks the 100th anniversary of the first airfields to have appeared in Britain
  621 Volunteer Gliding School

See how the Air Cadets do it! All very well except at cross country <ahem>

THIRTY THOUSAND FEET is a directory of Web pages, news, newsgroups, mail lists, and other on-line resources devoted to aviation. You will find links to commercial, government, military, organizational, and personal sites.



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