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Nene Valley Gliding Scholarship students

[ Picture - left Michael Muir Chair NVGC, centre - Abbey College Students, right - Pete Stratten Chief Executive of the BGA]
(Picture by permission of Abbey College and the Hunts Post)


Many of you, especially those who were at the formal presentation evening at Abbey College, will be aware of what has been evolved, but for any who have not already learned what is happening, here is a short explanation of the scheme.

Our club has teamed with Ramsey Abbey College, our local Comprehensive School, and will be teaching selected students to fly up to and including solo flights at no cost to the students, the college or the parents. In fact the cost will be met from a grant which our Chairman is arranging.

Initially 6 students will be trained, with a further 6 starting within the 12 months from the inception of the scheme and 6 per annum thereafter. The students will be full Junior Members of the club and will attend on either Saturdays or Sundays, 3 per day. Selection will be ‘on merit’ and will be made following a trial lesson for each short-listed applicant with Steve Jarvis (Chief Flying Officer) or Roger Emms (Senior Instructor).

At the presentation we were fortunate to have Pete Stratten, Chief Executive of the BGA, present. We are the very first gliding club in the U.K. to offer such a scheme in conjunction with a local school and the BGA seem to be seeing this as a way to get keen young people into gliding – a thing our sport really needs. The BGA will be keeping a watching brief and have offered us any assistance they may be able to give in really making it a big success.

The idea is that in addition to the flying, we will work with the school on other projects and our embryonic flight simulator has been moved to the school where there engineering and IT students will be completing it. In addition, the school will be willing and able to carry out any engineering design and manufacturing of parts for our ground equipment and any other suitable joint projects, so our engineering needs will help the College’s students with their ‘A-Level’ Engineering studies.

It is intended that each student will be allocated a ‘Mentor’ who will not be an instructor and any volunteers to help with this will be good.

This is indeed a unique scheme which will benefit the college, our club, the BGA and our local community.




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