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Helen "92" flies at Nene Valley Gliding Club Helen "92" flies at Nene Valley Gliding Club Helen "92" flies at Nene Valley Gliding Club Helen "92" flies at Nene Valley Gliding Club
Helen, 92, has achieved another wish, to fly in a Glider.
Shown here with NVGC Instructors Tony Walker and Dave Mansfield  (pictures courtesy of Fiona Fish)

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Junior Comp Switch Ends Aug 2016 Junior Comp Winning Team Aug 2016
Junior Comp Teams Group Photo Aug 2016

Junior Competition August 2016

Report on the Four Club Young Pilots Challenge, August 2016
It has been a busy summer season at Nene Valley Gliding Club (Upwood) with our scholarship
scheme going into its third year, Open Days, first solo’s and a Task week. And on top of that we
were invited not only to join in this year’s “Young Pilots Challenge” but to host it. This brought
together budding pilots between the ages of 14-18 from Bicester, Dunstable, Cambridge and
Upwood, a great way to showcase all the young talent coming into gliding!

This annual event was started three years ago by Bicester, Cambridge and Dunstable to give
their early and pre- solo young pilots the opportunity to fly from different sites and meet other
like-minded young people. To ensure the event is accessible to pilots of all levels (including
those with just a few flights under their belt), the challenges can be flown with an instructor who
can provide advice and encouragement and do any parts of the flight as required by the pilot’s
stage of training (such as the launch and landing).

The competition took place over two days, with the teams from Bicester, Dunstable and
Cambridge assembling at Upwood Airfield early Tuesday morning with their accompanying
instructors and gliders all ready to get proceedings underway. Some had arrived the night
before and camped.The event was kindly sponsored by Aircraft training Limited, to whom we
extend our utmost gratitude.

After a morning briefing and with the airfield in working order, the first task got underway. The
aim was to gain as much height as possible in the course of a thirty minute flight, with points
deducted for anyone who couldn’t make it back to the airfield in time. Bicester lled at the halfway
point after the first day.

Come Wednesday, the weather gods decided to be a little kinder, foregoing the changing wind
directions of the day before. The challenge remained the same, who could choose the right
thermals and give themselves the advantage. In the end it came down to a close fight between
Upwood and visiting club Bicester. With only 25 points between them, Upwood came out on top
with a trophy to celebrate. Cambridge finished third and Dunstable came a very close fourth.
As all fellow glider pilots will know, gliding is a game of patience for those left on the ground.
That said, I’ve certainly come to know that glider pilots also have some fantastic stories to tell
(gliding related or not). Friendly airfields are a hive of knowledge, bringing together people of all
ages from all backgrounds and they provide a fantastic melting pot, particularly for young people
who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t come into contact with such a wide variety of characters.
Although this competition was devised to bring out the competitive side of each club (and that it
most certainly did) it was also about bringing these young pilots together. Through sport, food
and just having a bit of a laugh together.

As a young pilot myself (just about), I’ve come to know and gradually understand the importance
of these kinds of schemes and competitions. Getting more young people into gliding seems to
be gathering momentum and it was great to see the enthusiasm that all the clubs had for the
sport. Their willingness just to get stuck in and put their knowledge and energy to use in helping
set up the airfield, manning the launch point and creating a real atmosphere was refreshing to
see. These are people that will keep our clubs going in years to come!
All four clubs have developed a close rivalry and are looking forward to next year’s rematch!

Beth Aston, 2 Oct 16

Seems as if Adam Roberts (from the Ramsey Reporter) had a good time at NVGC .
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