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Past members

Gareth Cherriman

April 2006

Hi There Hope you are well. Thought you might be interested in seeing some of the attached pics. Flying is going well. I had a weeks flying at a place called Forbes over the new year period. The conditions were amazing. On my second flight in the Junior came off tow and climbed at an average 6kts to 9,200ft. The conditions got better as the week went on. Unfortunately I didn't get my 300km, I had only just re soloed and felt a little nervous turning my back on the field, yes even from that height. I did a couple of 100k out and returns which were great fun. I have done quite a few flights in the DG1000 now with an instructor. These have been great and really helped with cross country experience. It is such an amazing glider to fly, and with the tips on it looks pretty cool too. I am now flying the Astir and am trying to build up my hours so I can convert into the DG303. Only a few more flights to go!! We are now in Autumn, however still having long soaring flights. I flew for over an hour yesterday and most people for a couple or more. It will be coming up to the start of the season for you guys now, you must be getting excited. Attached is a pic of me yesterday in the Astir, one from a couple of weeks ago in the DG1000 and a couple at the camp at Forbes.


December 2006

All good in Australia, well I finally made it into the DG 303 at the weekend.  It is a beautiful glider to fly.  I managed the longest flight of the day of about an hour. The real soaring season is just starting now, although it has been soarable all winter with 2+ hour flights. We took the DG-1000 to the hunter valley (wine region about 2 hours drive from Sydney) a couple of months ago.  The club has set up a soaring/cross country panel.  Basically the clubs top cross country pilots share there knowledge with the club members and do some great flights/theory.  My instructor took us on a great 2 hour flight and we covered some serious kilometers.  I thought we were going to land out at one point as the glide computer was telling us we were about 500ft under final glide.  We got a great climb of 5kts, and climbed to about 2000ft over final glide then raced back at 100 plus kts.  It was a lot of fun. We have our annual camp starting on boxing day and running for 3 weeks.  I am going up for the second week in Jan and really hoping to do a 300k.


Forbes Aifield in Aus
Gareth in DG1000
Gareth in Astir
Full Mug Shot of Gareth
Just to prove he can fly high
Lined up for the tug

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