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Gliding is an experience of the unique gift of silent flight
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Gliding is a sport that enables people to experience the exhilaration of flight, at an affordable price. There are currently around 10,000 glider pilots within the United Kingdom, with pilots, male and female, teenagers to octogenarians, coming from a variety of backgrounds. Providing a person is over 14 years old and can achieve the same medical standard as required for holding a driving license for a car, they are entitled to fly solo. Most gliders are designed to accommodate pilots under 6' 3'' tall and under 16 stone (224lb / 102Kg) in weight. People who exceed these limits may be limited in the types of glider that they can fly in, which could limit which gliding clubs could offer them training.

There are a number of gliding clubs around the UK, who are all affiliated with the British Gliding Association (BGA). The majority of these clubs operate at weekends and run on a voluntary basis.

There are also a few large clubs which operate 7 days a week and employ some full time staff. At all clubs, instruction is provided by Instructors who hold instructional ratings issued by the BGA.

To launch the glider, a variety of methods are used.

An Aerotow launch uses a powered aircraft to tow the glider into the sky. A launch height of 2000 feet is norma, costs are higher than by winch. Higher launches are available at an additional cost.

Winch launching is the most common means of launching as it is cheaper. The glider is pulled into the air by a steel cable that is connected to a powerful winch. A launch height of between 1000 and 2000 feet (depending on site and wind conditions) is normal. {More Information on fees click here}

The last two launch methods are rarely used. These are; auto-tow, where the glider is pulled into the air on a cable pulled along by a car and bungee, where the glider is catapulted into the air by a large rubber bungee cord, usually off the side of a hill.

Gliding will always provide a challenge to those that take up the sport. Initially it will be to undergo training to reach solo standard, the solo pilot then tries to improve their skills of soaring so that they can stay airborne longer and, with developing navigation skills, undertake cross country flights. Some pilots develop their skills to obtain instructor ratings, whilst others with a competitive spirit, enjoy competition flying. It's up to the individual what they want to achieve out of gliding. To find out about how to take up gliding please follow this link Learning to Fly.

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