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I have pleasure in offering the following for your new proposed "
On-Line Line Book"
( Naturally Members are not directly identified to protect both the
guilty and the Web Master)
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A glider fettler at the Club needed a protractor to measure a 30 degree angle and asked around various members only to be met by silence and a general shaking of heads until the resident grass cutter and flower arranger said "I have got a tractor, will that do? It's all a matter of degree!
Transit Tracks
Wet Grass February08

Why did you drive the Transit over the WET grass, I didn't think.(This happened when we had just had the wettist January in years)
Feb 2008
Retrieve Crews
When is a retrieve crew not a retieve crew?? when they don't take the trailer with them. This one came about when Alan Wyse landed out successfully at RAF Marham with his 50km silver leg in the bag. The retrieve crew AG and BP left the site to go and pick him up but forget to pick up the trailer!!! Luckily they spotted there were not being followed by said trailer before they had gone too far and returned to the Club to pick up 870's trailer. Did they bring it back?????? well they brought something back!!!!
Sept 07
A Few Sayings summitted by Members JY AS AC

Always fly in the middle of the sky.
Most of the problems happen near the edges.

Become an organ donor, fly low & slow

The five forces acting on an aircraft are:
Lift, Weight, Drag Thrust & Money -
Never seen one that would fly without the latter...

There's a lot of money in aviation, I know, because I put it there...

A helicopter is a loose collection of 10,000 metal parts all fatigueing themselves at different rates around an oil leak.

A check flight should be like a girl's skirt, short enough to be interesting but long enough to cover the important bits

dear Mr web master, this is roger's grand daughter, daisy. we have been looking at the new web page and we think it is bestest we have ever seen (no joke). we hope that lots of your members will give you things to put in it. it would be nice if you had more younger people so I could play with them like Emma & Lille.
if the snowman pictures comes out we will send it to you (see picture on left Webmaster) also you can take the snowman up for a ride, please if he has melted then take him up in a bucket. it was a pity that we couldn't get the grown ups to help us make more snowmen or ladies . (This letter has not been edited Webmaster and is printed as sent )

Jan 2007


X usually marks the spot but in this case???
Or is it a target to get rid of the WebMaster ???

Some else suggested "Never argue with an idiot, you only lower yourself to their level and they have had years of experience"


  Over heard at Committee Meeting "You are allowed to think Outside the Box but when filling in the Bank forms please keep your signature Inside the BOX
A little girl called Lillie visited NVGC recently and did a drawing for us. One member enquired of Lillie why she had only put one kiss (X) under her name, she replied it was because she had only just met us!!!!
  Heard in the Club House during the ritual of checking payment for the
days flying. Question? Has Mister K***** paid? Reply from member "It's
Doctor Actually!!"  Member now re-named Doctor Actually.
  Heard from the new Public Relations Committee member when locking up
the outer gate and contemplating the difference in levels of the road
surface: " We must really do something about leveling this entrance road
during our January shut own, My Public cannot be expected to use it like this!!"
This one started the one liners


Members Humour - If anyone is offended by any one liners please contact the Webmaster to have it removed

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